The Start of Something Huge

Organizing the mind and meditating through art: this is the aim of the project by la Caixa” Foundation fellow J. I. Mateos, who holds a Master of Arts from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York. His initiative “The Artpath Method” is the first-ever online course focused on meditation through the contemplation of art.

How did the idea to create Artpath come about?

Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been a great lover of art, and over the years, practicing meditation has gradually become part of my daily routine. One day, while observing a painting by Rothko, I realized that it took me longer than usual to contemplate certain works and that this state of concentration was quite similar to what I achieved through meditation. It was then that I understood that art was not only a powerful source of inspiration but also has the capacity to organize and bring peace to our troubled minds. Since then, I set out to create a tool that would make it possible to experience the aesthetic and meditative qualities of art through contemplation.

How does it work for users?

“The Artpath Method” is our first online course and it has been designed in such a way that any user who follows the simple instructions given in the videos comprising each lesson can learn the basics of how to meditate through the contemplation of art. Our main mantra is “remember that every time you contemplate art, you are a complete beginner”.

This is true not only with regard to the practice of meditation but also in appreciating any artistic expression. Despite the fact that the consumption of art has historically been done amidst an atmosphere of pretension and snobbery, here at Artpath, we want to show people that it’s possible to have an inspiring and healthy aesthetic experience by simply paying attention to their computer screen, whether or not they have any previous experience.


“Remember that, every time you contemplate art, you are a complete beginner”


What does art offer as an instrument in teaching people to meditate?

The capacity of art to take us to other times and places gives us the perfect opportunity to stop and meditate. In fact, all artistic expression is in some way a result of the artist’s meditation. Certain combinations of colors, textures or brushstrokes, accompanied by certain reflections can give rise to a truly relaxing, inspiring and invigorating experience. A properly contemplated piece of work can turn into the best of teachers.